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Welcome in the world of Biotechnology

ITLS is joining hands with the most reputed universities/colleges and research institutions for the benefit of Biotechnology and human welfare.

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Director's Message

Welcome in The Era of Biotechnology

My dear friends, today there is a plethora of Biotechnological research opportunities. Before penning down, I would like to add a few lines. Those lines read. .Indian science is world class but the region here needs to invest more on basic science and engineering research... I predict, in near future, students (may be of Institute of Transgene Life Sciences) would be doing their basic research in different fields of Life Sciences, patent their technology and sell to commercial organizations for applications and simply move to new projects. This institute has been created in an effort to identify recent research and trends in Biotechnology. I am sure it will prove motivating to the students to continue to come up with innovative ideas and good work. There is simply no time or a need to get stuck. I wish you all very good luck in the future and hope that you all will excel in all spheres of your life. May God bless you?

“If you cannot do extraordinary things in life, do ordinary things extraordinarily”.
                                                                                                 Er. Akhilesh Kushwaha